The project All The People introduces 39 individuals to create a loving document that captures, relates, and celebrates the diversity of gender expression and being.

This international photo book project includes people in 5 cities, 4 countries, and 15 nationalities. The aim of this book is to build bridges and reach beyond one own communities with this intimate exploration of how the individual experiences, defines, and expresses gender and gender identity. 

All The People was published and is worldwide distributed by Kerber Publishing, Germany

By viewing the images and reading the stories, the reader may draw closer to understanding someone they may find strange, challenging, or just unfamiliar. While gender expression, experience, identity are entirely individual, the stories within the book touch on our shared experiences, and speak to how simple it is to relate to each other with our humanity.

Please check out the project web site for further information or buy the beautifully produced coffee table style book directly from our web shop.